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Playa del Carmen Vacation RentalsPlaya del Carmen Vacation Rentals are properties rented to tourists looking to spend holidays in a furnished, equipped villa, apartment, house or studio. Vacation rentals can be rented by owners or real estate companies. Vacation rentals are used as an alternative to hotels, mostly in Europe but they are gaining popularity worldwide. In Playa del Carmen, families and groups of people travelling to the beach opt for these due to the convenience and flexibility. Just like hotels, vacation rentals are priced nightly but some can be booked weekly. The prices depend on the location, services and amenities.

What must be included and what is not included?

A vacation rental should be furnished, the rent must include all the basic services like water, gas and energy, it has become more common to include TV and Wi-Fi but is not mandatory. Additionally, the amount and quality of the appliances can vary too. Most condos in Playa del Carmen have fully equipped kitchen, one or two common area pools and gardens. The most luxurious have its own Jacuzzi, bath tubes and cutting edge kitchens. People owning apartments started to rent one room in their own apartment or adapted their houses to make studios. It is common to have a small kitchenette and own bathroom; due to the high cost of electricity, some studios require to pay electricity separately.

Should I book a Hotel or Vacation Rental?

The decision depends on a couple of factors. If you prefer consistency of a hotel brand and service like having cocktails and snacks brought for you or if you want to forget about the daily chores like cooking or making the bed, a hotel is for you. If on the contrary you enjoy cooking your own food and prefer a more intimate environment, a vacation rental is for you. Vacation rentals are recommended for large families or groups because the space is larger and cost per person is lower. It’s worth mentioning that some vacation rentals in Playa del Carmen have concierge services, a cleaning team and cooks.

How can I book a Playa del Carmen Vacation Rentals?

Vacation Rental in Playa del Carmen can be overwhelming with so many options to choose from. It is estimated that Playa del Carmen has 2000 vacation rental properties. There are many experts specialized in knowing the costumer and their needs. There are 3 times on the year that are clearly marked as high season: eastern, especially holy week, summer months of June to august and winter months, specially December. Due to high demand during high season, it’s advisable to book in advance. Follow these steps when you decide to book a vacation rental:

  1. Read the description carefully: be sure to understand the characteristics of the property and the amenities included. This will help you to choose between options, since one service can be the difference between one listing or another.
  2. Investigate the location of the property: if you want a beachfront property, verify if it has beach access or if it’s walking distance from the beach. If you are planning to rent a car, check if the property has a parking lot itself or nearby. If you go for an especial event or festivity, make sure that you can have easy access to it. Playa is still a very small place, pedestrian friendly, with taxi service and public transportation but there are areas like the Golf Course of Playacar that cannot be accessible by public transportation except taxis.
  3. Determine the total cost: most properties have all services included but some charge an extra cleaning fee and others, like studios, charge electricity separately. You should also inquire about accepted types of payment. If you book through a real estate agent, travel agency or online company, ask if there are additional service fees.
  4. Have a formal contract: to guarantee the safety of both the renter and you as a client, demand a written contract that states clearly the address and exact location of the property, dates of your stay, number of guests allowed, total price, amenities included, contact details of both parties and if you made a down payment, the total amount.
  5. Get a contact number: it is always important to have a contact number in case of any doubt or inconvenience regarding the apartment and the amenities.
  6. Arrange details: agree on the check in and check out hours, pick up location if included and key delivery. It Is important to communicate the renter if you find anything broken or malfunctioning.

Where are the best areas to find vacation rentals?

Playa del Carmen Vacation RentalsYou can find vacation rentals across Riviera Maya. In Playa del Carmen you can find vacation rentals everywhere, offers cover all tastes and budgets. Many apartments in downtown offer vacation residences. New buildings are being constructed on Street 40, 42, or avenue 38, offering small but convenient studios at walking distance for solo travelers or couples.
Playacar. These are outstanding properties in Playa del Carmen:

  • Budget: Avenue 20 has some buildings with equipped studios that accommodate 1 or 2 guests. The kitchen has a strove, a mini fridge, microwave, appliances to cook, tableware for two and a small bathroom. The studios are walking distance to supermarkets, Quinta Avenida and the beach, the closest beach club is Canibal Royal.
  • Couple Retreat: Studio One is one block away from Quinta Avenida, it has 15 studios, 21 apartments and 9 penthouses. Studios have balcony, fully equipped kitchen with appliances, air conditioner, internet. Apartments have two bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, balcony, equipped kitchen, internet air conditioner. Penthouses have an extra solarium, Jacuzzi and laundry room.
  • Luxury: The Elements is located next to Avenida CTM, has amazingly decorated apartments of one, two or three bedrooms. Amenities include fully equipped kitchen, luxury linens, plasma tv, upscale appliances, washing machine and dryer, organic toiletries and a personal concierge. The privileged location allows ocean views from each unit and its own beach club step away.
  • The Elements has a large pool are that offers drinks and snacks from 10 am to 6 pm, a fitness center and spa. You can also request pickup transportation with extra charge.

Do you want to list your property as vacation rental?

Contact a real estate agent of Playa del Carmen Real Estate to help you adapt your property for vacation rentals.