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Playa del Carmen Monthly Rentals

Playa del Carmen Monthly RentalsRenting a monthly apartment is great for you when you don’t want to commit to a long-term contract or you are not sure of the amount of time you can stay.

Monthly rentals are the perfect option for you because most apartments are already furnished and equipped. A piece of advice here: unless you rent a very luxurious property, expect only a small stove with no oven, a mini fridge and basic appliances so if you are into cooking you might need to buy additional equipment or bring your own. The good news is that most apartments have air conditioner, fans in every room and comfortable beds with linens. If you search in advance you might find great deals and in some cases a discount if you commit to stay longer than three months but that is entirely the decision of the landowner.

Playa del Carmen is a pet friendly town if you plan to bring your pet along you should mention that beforehand, some apartments charge an extra fee or do not allow pets at all.

Additionally, you should take seasonality into consideration, rents peak during Christmas, Summer and Eastern when the demand increases like crazy. On the other side, you will profit from good deals between May and November. This seasonal period is the so called rainy season, but there are no differences in life quality at all compared to the peak season.

Advantages of Playa del Carmen Monthly Rentals

There are a lot of advantages you can profit from if you decide to pay a Playa del Carmen Monthly Rentals real estate. The prices are still cheap, many homes brand new constructed and the infrastructure perfect. Especial around the 10th stress with its direct access to la Quinta you can find a lot of rentals with monthly payment. Anyway, be aware that you pay more for monthly, vacation rentals compared to long term rentals in Playa del Carmen.