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Houses For Sale in Playa del Carmen

Houses to Sale in Playa del CarmenPlaya del Carmen started as small town but now has some of the most luxurious, cutting edge properties. The original downtown has grown into several neighborhoods. Playacar was built a couple of decades ago and has some of the best resorts and beachfront condos. It is a private residential area with its own golf course. You can find many luxury condos, villas, apartments and all-inclusive hotels. It also has three commercial centers and parks. Therefore there are Houses to Sale in Playa del Carmen.

Finding Houses to sale in Playa del Carmen Centro

Downtown Playa del Carmen is comprised by neighborhoods like Centro, Gonzalo Guerrero or Xaman-Ha. In this area, you can find the pedestrian Quinta Avenida, many restaurants, hotels like Lat 20 by Live Aqua, clubs like Coco Bongo and beach clubs like Marmita´s. Playa del Carmen receives foreigners from many countries but Italians seem to be a majority in this area, their presence is most notable by the presence of many famous Italian restaurants.

On the north side of the highway, there are many residential areas and malls. Centro Maya is on the neighborhood called Ejidal. Many residential areas “Fraccionamientos” have been built around the area like La Joya, Las Flores or El Pedregal. On the east side, you can find Plaza Las Americas, it has a movie complex, several stores, a supermarket. Residential areas were constructed nearby like Selvanova, Mision del Carmen and Bosque Real. These condos are perfect for young couples and families.

Colosio neighborhood is one of the oldest and largest in Playa del Carmen, traditionally home of the first people who emigrated from Yucatán and established since 1994.

Houses to sale in Playa del Carmen as perfect investment

Houses to Sale in Playa del CarmenBuying a house might be the best investment you can make; Playa del Carmen is the best option in Mexico right now. Many developers have invested on the recent decade and they are willing to maintain same or larger amounts of investments to continue developing the area. The demand for houses seems to grow more and more. The National Institute of Statistics and Geography in Mexico (INEGI) calculates a 6% growth rate in Playa el Carmen, the highest in the state of Quintana Roo. Currently, 209K people live in Playa.

The Real Estate market in Playa del Carmen has the best conditions to buy a property now:

  • Capital Gain: properties in Playa del Carmen have increased their value in the last years. Some properties like The Gallery guarantee a return on investment of 8%, other properties of the same developers guarantee 13%.
  • Available credits: there are many bank institutions that help financing, Mexican banks can lend up to 90% of the value of the property. People from United States and Canada can use their retirement savings to purchase a property, there are many experts that can advise and help with the paperwork.
  • Tax deductions: in the case of the Mexican tax law, payments of mortgage interests or income from house sales can be tax deducted. In the case of citizens from United States, a real estate investment funded with a self-directed individual retirement account (IRA) can offer tax advantages.
  • Quality of construction: regulations in the municipality of Solidaridad require developers to meet quality requirements. Most investors in Playa del Carmen are credited companies like IHG or GMB, they have a history of constructing quality apartments and investing to urbanize of the areas surrounding the properties.
  • Unique location: the privileged Riviera Maya has a coastline with the most beautiful sea and powdery sand. Especially Playa del Carmen is close to the all the main attractions like Xcaret, Tulum, Cancun or Cozumel.
  • Constant investment: the real estate investment 2015 hit a record in 2015. Plaza Corazón was opened on 2015 and has stores like H&M, Victoria´s Secret and Michael Kors. Furthermore, new commercial centers, restaurants and luxury hotels are expected to be constructed soon, adding value to the area. Playacar Center was announced on November 2016, it had an investment of 60 million pesos (around 3 million dollars) and will cater all the needs of the guests of the hotel zone of Playacar and its residents. It is on Paseo Xaman-Ha, has 50 locals and underground parking lot.
  • Quick results: if you decide to move to another city, the demand and experience of the real estate experts of the zone will help you to find the right buyer is short time.
  • Relaxed vibe: residents and visitor can enjoy the famous beaches but there’s room for ecotourism because parks like Xplor and the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve are nearby. In the night, visitors can enjoy parties at Blue Parrot. Playa is home of the famous BMP Festival every year with the best of electronic music and Corona Sunsets. Those that prefer mindfulness activities can take yoga lessons at INTI Beach or Kava Kasa.

Look for offers for houses to sale in Playa del Carmen

There are many ads online that offer houses for sale, but is important to be careful if the price seems too low or the pictures only show the sea, restaurants or common attractions. Be careful of online scams and verify the real estate agent’s reputation. Another error to avoid is the purchase of “Ejidos”, an ejido is a piece of land given by the government as social support. Only Mexicans can own the land called “Ejido”. After a 1992 reform, some Ejidos can be sold but the land needs to follow a strict process first to be converted into privatized land. But as foreigner you at least can use the offers for Houses to Sale in Playa del Carmen.