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Homes for Rent and Sale in Playa del Carmen

Homes for Rent in Playa del Carmen

Homes for Rent in Playa del CarmenIf you look for Homes for Rent in Playa del Carmen we can give you some needful hints. Playa del Carmen is one of the most attractive beach cities in Mexico. Mexicans and foreigners alike choose to move there to start a new life. Playa del Carmen has one of the lowest rates of unemployment and new jobs every year. There’s no doubt why almost every neighborhood in Playa del Carmen seems to have new restaurants, markets and boutiques. Also the beaches nearby are worth to be mentioned since they belong to the most beautiful ones in the world.

Market of Homes for Rent in Playa del Carmen

The market of homes for rent is very large, there are offers for every taste and budget. You can find very affordable studios equipped with a small kitchenette and own bathroom for as little as $6,000 pesos per month, this price is if you stay at least 3 months. Otherwise you can rent per night or per week. In addition, there are apartments of one or two bedrooms.

Monthly price for Homes for Rent in Playa del Carmen

the price varies widely and depends on the length of your stay, the location and the amenities included. Most homes for rent in Playa del Carmen are semi or fully furnished. You can also find unfurnished apartments and rent them for a longer amount of time. In most cases, landowners require a minimum of 1 year to rent a property and a down payment.

Good Neighborhoods for Homes for Rent in Playa del Carmen

You can find cheap and reasonable apartments and condos as Homes for Rent in Playa del Carmen starting at 300 US Dollars per month. Of course it always depends on where you want to stay and especially how long. If you sign a 6 month contract you will get discounts for sure, also when you find a home close to the beach or the Quinta. Therefore it is important that you plan for a longer stay before you arrive to Playa del Carmen. Otherwise you will have to pay a vacational rent.